Monorail Component

  • Rail Section

    Rail Section

    Low profile brass rail is hand-bendable and field-cuttable for a variety of configurations.

    • Less then half inch tall
    • No tools required
    • Available in 2 different lengths
  • Adjustable Cable

    Adjustable Cable

    Supports rail when longer drops from the ceiling are required.

    • Includes 5’ or 10' of cable
    • Easy to adjust--simply push the cable
    • through the retainer
    • Compatible with standard T-bar clips
  • Standoff


    Rigid Standoff includes dual height hardware (2" or 4.75") works with all Besa power supply options. Swivel Standoff for use on sloped ceilings.

    • Post is field-cuttable
    • Compatible with standard T-bar clips
  • Standoff Extension Post

    Standoff Extension Post

    Field-cuttable posts for longer suspensions with standoffs (Rigid or Swivel).

    • Available in 3 different lengths
  • Surface Power Supply

    Surface Power Supply

    Electronic or LED surface power supplies.

    • Surface Style can be used to support the rail
    • Dimmable (with appropriate low voltage dimmers)
  • Remote Transformer

    Remote Transformer

    Magnetic or Electronic transformers for remote applications. Includes multi-tap AC output (12V-15V) and integral circuit breaker.

    • 150W or 300W each support up to (3 or 6) 50W or (4 or 8) 35W elements
    • Requires remote feed canopy to make connection at the rail
    • Compatible with Besa LED elements
  • Remote Canopy

    Remote Canopy

    Low-profile feed canopy. For use with remote transformers. Includes 2’ of flexible feed cable (10 AWG).

    • 5" Dia. x 0.75" H, overall height with rail connector 2"
  • Flexible Cable

    Flexible Cable

    Provides longer reach to rail from transformer or feed canopy. 5' or 10' of 10AWG cable.

  • Rail Connectors

    Rail Connectors

    Physically & electrically connects two rail sections together.

    • Live, Isolating or Live "L" connectors
  • Endcap


    Finish off the end of the rail.